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The third and most challenging Hatha Vinyasa session in the Total Yoga: The Flow Series, FIRE, is appropriate for more experienced or physically fit practitioners. This dynamic flowing session provides a challenging, daily workout that generates a higher level of aerobic activity. FIRE forges together the elements of both EARTH and WATER--teaching three versions of sun salutations for warm up, the seven major standing poses to build heat, strength, stamina and flexibility. This practice also includes backbends, forward bends, twists and tonic inversion poses, concluding with final relaxation. Approximate practice time: 60 minutes.

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The most rigorous workout within the three-part Total Yoga: The Flow Series, FIRE combines both classical and contemporary postures in one continuous flow. These poses are advanced to begin with, but the difficulty is increased with the length that each asana (pose) is held and the repetition of each vinyasa (series of poses). Instructors Tracey Rich and Ganga White silently lead this 60-minute session with verbal instruction from a narrator. Direction is given in both traditional yoga terminology and simple directional cues (the beginning yogi may find this version more translatable). The fundamentals of balance, ujjayi breath, and safety are addressed at the beginning, but the intensity level increases from there quite vigorously. Rich and White exhibit impeccable form and alignment through standing postures and three series of sun salutations. Floor work continues this challenge with a progression of strength, increasing abdominal and lower-back poses. Back bends, shoulder stands, and inverted balancing movements round out this advanced curriculum. Meditation follows with some great images of nature and relaxation visualizations. The exemplary form and content here make this workout dynamite, but the complexity of the routine makes FIRE better suited for the intermediate to advanced student. - Olivia Voigts

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