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Appropriate for students of all ability levels, Water instructs, as the name implies, with the fluidity and grace of Hatha Vinyasa, flowing sequences with a broad complement of standing, seated and inverted yoga postures. This practice of synchronized movement develops strength and refinement as body, mind and breath become a moving meditation. Approximate practice time: 45 minutes.

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Total Yoga: Water presents an intermediate workout that can be practiced independently or in tandem with the other programs (Earth and Fire) in the three-part Flow Series. With basic combinations of standing postures and floor poses, this approachable 45-minute program will welcome beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners alike. Based in the foundations of Hatha vinyasa, Water draws on core energy and ujjayi breathing to increase focus and flexibility. Instructors Tracey Rich and Ganga White illustrate modifications for most postures and limit the amount of advanced asanas. Although this workout is accessible to many levels, it is by no means easy. Participants will get a solid workout through a series of sun salutations and familiar poses such as triangle and warrior. Spinal rotation and inverted postures are kept to a minimum, but some great flexibility building movements are incorporated that will increase the students' capacity to work into these poses later in their discipline (perhaps in the most difficult edition of The Flow Series, Total Yoga: Fire). Abdominal and lower-back muscles receive some good attention here and the routine closes with meditation and visualization. Overall, this is an outstanding format that ensures a challenging and safe workout. -- Olivia Voigts

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