As a first time attendee of a Teacher course, it was invaluable.  I learned how to construct a course and ensure that my students were getting a balanced experience with different poses.  I also was able to take away some poses to incorporate into my own practice.  The Guide that we were given was great with pictures and space to take notes for me to refer back to later.  I loved the exploration with props and the encouragement to also find our own way with both poses & usage of props.  I also appreciated the mixture of teaching/classroom as well as time to actually experience "heavy savasana" ourselves.  The setting at White Lotus is ideal...from the dining, fellowship, and facilities.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is exploring teaching or just wants to deepen their own practice. 

~JJ from Clinton, MS

I attended the Restorative Yoga Training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara taught by Phoebe Diftler in March 2018.  Having trained with Phoebe before (Thai Yoga Therapy) and having been a student in a couple of her classes, I had very high expectations for this training. Suffice it to say, my expectations were exceeded.

First of all, the White Lotus Foundation...just look them up!  I'm always lucky to be there. I knew that. I also knew Phoebe's workbook would be amazing. Yet there was more. There just seemed to be that little bit extra-just one or two things you didn't expect. The training was very fluid; an ebb and flow that just seemed so intuitive. Phoebe has a knack for how to treat, react to and teach her students with the utmost respect. Always open and caring, the teacher was also the student, ready to add to the workbook or each session.

I highly recommend this training. It will improve your teaching and enhance your own personal practice.

~Bruce from Brandon, FL

I have had the absolute pleasure of attending numerous trainings with Phoebe at White Lotus Foundation.  Words cannot express how transformative my visits to White Lotus have been and as a Certified Massage Therapist, Phoebe’s Trainings have been my favorite trainings to date.  Phoebe always exudes a sense of calm and genuine empathy with her students during yoga class and training, as well as making is playful and fun. I very much look forward to attending her Restorative Yoga Training in the future and visiting the beautiful White Lotus Foundation again soon.  

~Marcy from Lompoc, CA

 I had the great pleasure of attending Phoebe Diftler's restorative training in March 2018.  I was immediately impressed with her teaching materials - A bound book with photos and sequences, as well as her published book Urban Guide to Ancient Thai Massage.  These tools have been helping me since that time.  Phoebe’s understanding of this yin practice is such that she can teach the experience on many levels. She can present the foundation, and help create the atmosphere that allows one to find stillness.  The passive postures offer freedom from functional tension and the combined experience is transformational.  She showed us and moved us through deeply restorative classes that were profoundly inspirational.  Of course any experience at White Lotus will be a cornucopia.

 ~Jeri from Grand Cayman

Phoebe is a talented intuitive bodyworker and a gifted teacher of both yoga and thai massage. She exudes a deep sense of peace and feminine CALM, which is nourishing to be around. Everything about Phoebe feels easeful, she flows like water, this is an energy that is needed tremendously in our world today. I enjoy her restorative yoga classes, which are a great mix of relaxing and fun. She curates an amazing playlist for her classes and gives hands on adjustments in class, both of which are the icing on the cake on an already healing class. As for her thai massage, she deeply listens to your body. I appreciate that she works with her own intuition and that she listened to my guides about how to best work with my body. I ADORE Phoebe. Whether you take one of her yoga classes, book a thai massage with her, or enroll in one of her courses, know you are in excellent hands.  

~Jana from Boulder, CO