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Full trip insurance covering the program and air travel is available from Travel Guard. Please call them at (800) 826-1300 for details.


Towels--bath & beach, a bathing suit, hiking or running shoes, shorts and long pants, toiletries, alarm, a flashlight with extra batteries, water bottle, hat and day pack for hikes, and jacket for cool evenings. Nice optional items are musical instruments. Travel light, about a week's worth. Laundry facilities are very limited (one washer and dryer to service the center) however, there will be an opportunity to run one load during two week programs. Yoga mats available for your use, so there is no need to bring one unless you choose to do so.

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Santa Barbara has near perfect weather year round; there is no "off season." There is a popular refrain once the winter solstice passes, "summer's almost here". Winters are generally mild with occasional short storms.The summers are mild due to early morning fog that gives way to clear blue skies and California sunshine. Rain is rare from May to August.


November through mid-April is our season with rain potential. It usually doesn't rain much in Southern California but we do advise bringing rain gear (raincoat, umbrella, etc.) during this period. Rainy periods are actually some of the prettiest and more magical on the land with many waterfalls, thick moss, and lush vegetation. Storms usually only last a few days and then our sunny coastal weather returns. Normal Winter temperatures range between night lows of 35° and highs of 45° to 75°. Weather is generally warm but we can have cold snaps so bring a warm coat or sweater. January- February is often the rainy season but even these months are usually sunny and warm with a few storms or cold fronts. Temperatures are normally in the 60's during the day, and low 50's or even 40's at night. Spring comes early to Southern California and is usually in full force by the middle or end of February. We do occasionally get a late storm or some rain in springtime so we advise participants to bring a light raincoat or umbrella. Days should be warm and sunny but are sometimes in the 40's. Evenings cool (or as low as 30's or 40's in cold snaps). Please bring a warm jacket or sweater. 


Summers are comfortable and cool, with temperatures ranging from 60's to 80's. There can be an occasional hot spell with temperatures in the 90's for a few days but being a beach city the climate is usually temperate. We have a low humidity so these temperatures are much more comfortable than humid cities. Santa Barbara does get fog sometimes but we are usually above the fog line. Our hottest months of the year can be August and September. Up in the mountains temperatures occasionally hit the high 90's.


Spring and Fall usually have warm days in the 60's and 70's but cooler evenings than Summer. Night temperatures range in the 40's and 50's. Occasional cold snaps are possible.

Get a complete overview of Santa Barbara's extraordinary climate, including monthly and daily extremes for temperature, precipitation, and degree days from 1941-2000.