Phoebe Diftler


Phoebe Zoe HeadshotPhoebe Diftler, instructor of the White Lotus Thai Yoga Training, brings her gifts of nurturing to the art of Restorative Yoga.  She utilizes her understanding of the mind-body continuum to help people decompress, relax, and restore well being.  Phoebe is a well-known Restorative Yoga teacher in the city of Los Angeles and currently teaches at Mandala in Santa Monica.  Phoebe contributes to the White Lotus Yoga Teacher Trainings and is also a treasured Thai Yoga bodyworker.

 Phoebe has been a beloved part of our White Lotus family for many years.  She brings a positive, peaceful presence to her teaching along with great competence, joy, and understanding. 

--Tracey Rich and Ganga White


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