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The first session in the Total Yoga: The Flow Series offers easy-to-follow introductions for beginners and is an excellent alternative practice for more experienced students. This session builds foundations for a balanced daily yoga practice, including sun salutations, standing and other classical postures, emphasizing proper alignment, balance, flexibility, focus and yogic breathing. This practice is in the flowing Hatha Vinyasa style that links the poses to provide a continuous workout routine. The program begins with an introduction to yogic breathing and concludes with restorative poses and final relaxation. Approximate practice time: 35 minutes.

A Review...

Total Yoga: Earth is the most basic workout drawing upon the foundations of Hatha Yoga. This 35-minute program offers detailed instruction on fundamentals such as ujjayi breathing and the sun salutation. Tracey Rich and Ganga White keep the asanas simple and demonstrate alternative postures for participants with compromised backs and necks. The cueing is both informative and clear, with valuable safety information about body alignment and form. This is a strong and thoughtful regimen that will be welcome by first-time student and intermediate practitioners alike.
--Olivia Voigts

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