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Tuning Your Body, Tuning Your Life

March 5th, 2013

From a recent talk by Ganga:

Life is a journey with growth, change, and responsibility–response ability in the sense of refining our ability to respond appropriately. Asana, pranayama and meditation can be wonderful tools we continuously learn to use to tune and rebalance our bodies throughout our journey. This is what I mean by learning to use the techniques of yoga to serve our bodies, rather than using our bodies to attain a particular pose. We don’t necessarily just want to do yoga, but rather learn use yoga. We use it for our well being and to tune, refine, hone, sharpen, balance, relax, energize, and more.

A broader perspective of Yoga includes attuning our bodies and our lives. As we advance in Yoga we become more adept at, and sensitive to, what practices our body, and our life, need to re-balance and re-tune from the stresses and activities of living. Similarly there is no one fixed Yogic lifestyle. We often hear people speaking of how they are living the Yogic lifestyle. While there are certainly general principles, attitudes and intentions, there are myriad expressions of Yogic living in the same way that nature shows herself as diversity. Each person find his or her own unfolding expression and reintegration of Yoga with insight, kindness, sensitivity, intelligence and awareness.   You are your path.


Ganga, this is a very Poetic expression on the diversity of yogic life. your words have given me an opportunity to reflect on what it means to me to live my life as a yogi. I am grateful for this space and opening, as sometimes I do find myself judging as to whether or not I am living a very yogic life while I fumble through my everyday challenges. Nature is indeed diverse, we human beings are a diverse lot…and through yoga practice we may fill the gaps and surrender to who we truly are. thank-you for giving me something precious to reflect upon today.

Blessings to you Ganga, and to Tracey, and all you lovely beings at White Louts. Whenever I read your words of wisdom I’m transported back to the 16 days that changed my life in 2001. I agree that we all express our yogic life differently, but probably the bottom line is that we stay connected…connected and aware of all that is happening in our lives, in our thoughts, with the people we love, and that we stay true to who we are. I believe in the basic goodness of all people; that manifests in different ways with all of us. My yogic journey has morphed over the years, but I seem to stay grounded in the truths of kindness, goodness, and wisdom. Life is such an interesting ride.

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