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Seek Nothing

June 1st, 2016

Seek Nothing


Wishing you lots of nothing

You need nothing to be yourself

Nothing is better than something

All things must pass

But nothing lasts forever.  


Everywhere we look there are things we are told to seek. Many somethings bode from all directions.  What we really are missing in our lives is nothing which is the fullness of emptiness, silence, and the timeless.  Einstein said, “Creativity is the residue of wasted time.”  And it’s easy, you need to do nothing.  But it also can be difficult because anything you do is another thing.  



I never find what I'm looking for until I stop Seeking...then the Object Seeks me out...

I did a double take as this sounds like a rendition from the play Waiting for Godot by Beckett. If you have not read it, you would love it- or I know you can find the video online somewhere as it is a classic. And FYI- that was one of my favorites to teach the seniors before they were getting ready to graduate.
So many spend their lives waiting for "something" but there is really nothing there! A bit existential.

I resonate with the 'Seek Nothing' thesis above, and think that these tenets somewhat relate to existentialism to a degree.

Don't miss hidden meaning.  Seek nothing doesn't mean "don't seek", but also to find a bit of nothing. 

Oh, my goodness. Nothing lasts forever. I'm seeing that phrase is a whole different light. Thank you. Liz

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