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False Certainty

January 28th, 2017

It is easier to see problems in someone other than oneself.  We all know people who knock on our door with bibles.  They’re very certain. They are living in their certainties, but if we look outside our own worldviews, and look at beliefs distant from ours, it can begin to open our minds. The wise person starts asking, “How does this problem apply to me?” Where do I have a similar belief that I am not aware of or that I am stuck in?

I had a wise teacher who said that "not knowing" is one of the highest states of awareness.  We need to free ourselves from the limitations of knowledge. This doesn't mean getting rid of knowledge—knowledge is extremely necessary of course, but rather, we should not be stuck in the known. We need to be open to the unknown. The unknown can be terrifying, but if we don't stay open to the unknown, our terror is still there—it's just hidden.  The demons of fear and certainty stand guard at the door of self-knowledge.

Certainty may be what we want, but relativity is what we’ve got!  The unknown is the source of joy and adventure.  Do you want to know how the movie ends?  Or “who did it?”  We are told and conditioned, in some philosophies, to believe that we can get to a place of all-knowing.  By acknowledging that there's no such thing, that knowledge always has limits, we gain freedom. Then we are living with perception and insight in the moment.


I always enjoy your blogs! Thank you for the insight and the timeliness of this topic.
"The demons of fear and certainty stand guard at the door of self-knowledge." Beautiful.

Much Love to everyone at WL!


I trained with Ganga in 1997. One of his parting thoughts the night before we all left to return home was....what you learned at White Lotus may spring forth in a few days or may not come to the forefront until years from now. All is true.
He spoke of false certainty in so many words back then and he continues to open my eyes. Outstanding blog.
Jim Neel

Thank you, Ganga, this was just what I needed! It's so good to know that you and Tracey and the White Lotus are in the world.

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