Thai Yoga Training Instructor

phoebe diftler

Phoebe Diftler is a teacher who brings together her varied backgrounds in Thai Yoga, design, intuitive work and Yoga. She began studying modern dance at the age of four and Yoga in college, finding Yoga to be the path to bring her further inside the energetic workings of her own body. Phoebe found yoga and Thai Yoga to be a way to help others facilitate their own wellbeing. She credits her past career as a magazine designer and her study at Parson's School of Design with opening her ability to access creativity.

As a contributor to various White Lotus programs, and the facilitator of the Thai Yoga Training, Phoebe focuses on how to best inspire each individual student while respecting their own learning process. She values the opportunity to pass on these ancient teachings and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Phoebe teaches Yoga in Los Angeles and maintains a private Thai Yoga practice in Pacific Palisades. She has been featured on CNN's “Weekend House Call”.

Phoebe's gentle power leads you through a journey that nurtures and transforms; setting new highs for the creation of sacred space. 

-Tracey & Ganga