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Chakras-The Play of Matter and Energy

Meditation Is Your Life

The following excerpts from Yoga Beyond Belief by Ganga, are from both chapter eight, Chakras-The Play of Matter and Energy from the sections entitled: Chakras and Levels of Being, and Chakras and Daily Life. The additional offering is from chapter nine, Meditation Is Your Life from the section: Useful Meditation Practices: Relationship

We hope these excerpts inspire you on this heart-centered holiday.

"The fourth wheel of energy, the heart or air center, corresponds to the heart and lungs in the body. Opening this center implies the awakening of love and compassion. The heart and chest area are where we breathe and feel love, spirit, and compassion. This chakra is considered the first of the higher centers-with love, everything in life resonates at a higher level."

And further in the same chapter, from the section: Chakras and Daily Life

"The heart chakra serves as a fulcrum for all the other centers-the three higher and the three lower. This center lies midway along the chakra system, where it can resonate equally above and below and balance the higher and lower. It instructs us to make the heart and love the center of our being."

And in honor of Valentine's Day we also offer you this useful take on meditation from Meditation Is Your Life.

"Meditation is usually viewed as a solitary practice, a movement within. A yogi I met said, You know, we're all saints when we're alone. It is much easier to be saintly when you're by yourself, when there is no one to rub up against. We need relationship to discover our true selves and to see how we're doing. We can not see all of ourselves without a mirror, a reflection. Relationship and daily life offer that reflection. The mirror of relationship reflects and reveals parts of us to ourselves. Relationship is the dance of control and surrender in the balance and discovery of love, cooperation, creation, and mutual reflection."

Yoga Beyond Belief--Insights to Awaken and Deepen Yoga Practice by our founder, Ganga White, is recognized as a classic in Yogic literature. It is available from booksellers, Amazon, on our website, and on Kindle.