Tamara Everett

Tamara Everett Picture

Tamara Everett's journey has continually led her towards helping others feel well in their bodies, minds and hearts. Her passion focuses on food as "medicine" and has compelled her to expand her foundation in bodywork, Yogic philosophy, and dietary theory into the therapeutic and creative realms of nurturing through preparing healing and nourishing foods.  

A believer in the slow food movement and the notion that beauty is found in simplicity, Tamara moves from the idea of taking time to take care.  Using principles and theories of Ayurveda and Macrobiotics while staying attuned to contemporary and exciting influences she creatively weaves the traditional with the modern.  

Her philosophy that pure honest whole foods grown with respect for the earth and prepared with love and attention are at the heart (or the belly) of a happy self.  

Tamara's ability to share her extraordinary sense of taste with us never fails to nourish, nurture and excite.  We feel fortunate to have her work her magic here in the White Lotus Kitchen.

- Tracey & Ganga