Sven Holcomb

Sven HolcombSven Holcomb was first introduced to yoga at age 12 and has for many years been a student of Ganga White and Tracey Rich. He completed his teacher training in 1989 and has since had ongoing advanced training at White Lotus with these world renowned instructors, and he serves as a lead instructor at the White Lotus teacher training programs. Sven has also traveled extensively studying Yoga and Hindu traditions in India, Nepal and Thailand, and has taught in Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. "Yoga is a re-awakening and re-balancing of the body, mind and spirit. It brings about personal transformation and profound self-understanding, much needed in our age of distraction and uncertainty."

"Sven is a much beloved, sensitive and insightful yoga instructor. His father, Ed Holcomb, was a long time White Lotus friend and Board member and was a great yogi in the devotional and philosophical realms, so Sven was surrounded by artists, yogis, and the WLF lineage from an early age. He is a musician, photographer, and recording engineer, trained in many fields and many disciplines, all of which inform and inspire his yoga teaching. He is one of our leading instructors who is able to communicate the perspective we honor and share at White Lotus."
- Ganga White and Tracey Rich