A Moment of Zen with Sven

A Musical Meditation to Soothe your Soul

Music, sound, and vibration are sacred within so many traditions. They are thought of by some as the beginning of everything. Whatever your thoughts, the Yoga of music, is a felt experience, a form of meditation. The notes in a beautiful piece of music can work like a tuning fork bringing us into harmony and attunement with the totality of everything.

We are happy to bring you A Moment of Zen with beloved White Lotus family member, Sven Holcomb, master of music with talents aplenty. Listen to the soulful sounds offered here as a gift to soothe your soul in these times that so often keep our nervous systems over amped. Tune in and listen as Sven speaks from his heart in a language we all understand and that speaks directly to our hearts.

Enjoy your meditative moment of zen.

Om Shanti