Healing Jazz

Rex Harte with Beverly Messenger on Koto

Beverly and Rex are a rare combo. The are both masterful messengers with loving hearts sending healing vibes when jazz is on their minds. Beverly was White Lotus' beloved manager for many years serving with an unparalleled kindness and an attention to detail that flowered with beauty. Rex was on the property too for part of that time, playing music, supporting Beverly in life, and practicing loving kindness.

We recently had an oldies but goodies reunion at the Center with Beverly and Rex, Chef Beatrix (Yes, Chef!), who was visiting from Costa Rica, ourselves, Sven, the artisan Paul Cooke, who has graced every surface of this sanctuary with his magnificent heart and gifted hands, and his beautiful and talented partner, Katie. This visit sparked memories and inspired us to share a piece of Rex and Beverly's creativity with you.

Here's to healing with jazz!