Yoga Articles by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad

Yoga | Sexuality & Male/Female Relationships

Joel Kramer is an internationally known Yogi and Philosopher. He is the author of "The Passionate Mind" and the widely acclaimed "Guru Papers" with Diana Alstad. Joel serves as a Trustee on the board of the White Lotus Foundation. Diana Alstad serves on the advisory board.

On Yoga

Yoga as Self-Transformation
(Joel details the common problems of daily practice and offers practical advice to students on how to persevere and enjoy working on yourself -Yoga Journal May/June 1980)

Playing The Edges - Yoga And The Athlete
by Ian Jackson
(A runner's take on Joel's yoga style -- from Yoga And The Athlete - 1975)

On Yoga and Evolution
("Oracles of the New Age" series in Yoga Journal January 1980)

A New Look at Yoga
Playing the Edge of Mind and Body
(On mental yoga - a mode of self-inquiry revealing the nature, functions and limitations of thought - Yoga Journal January 1977)

The 3rd Perspective and Yoga
Bringing East & West Together
(Joel discusses how an integration of Eastern and Western philosophies can create a third perspective which unites the best qualities of both views - Yoga Journal November/December 1981)

Mind In Asana
by Jeanne Cameron
(Interview with Joel - Yoga Journal July/August 1986)

Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power
(Conclusion to Joel and Diana's book - 1993)

On Sexuality & Male/Female Relationships

Exploring Relationships:
Interpersonal Yoga, by Diana Alstad
(Applies Joel's yogic approach to relationships - Yoga Journal March 1979)

Transforming Sexuality:
Changing the Context of Conquest
(A dialogue between Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad Ph.D.- New Age - 19??)