Wizard of Awe

by Tracey Rich

I've said it before.  I love typos. This one was an absolute winner that I almost mistakenly sent out the other day. What an amazing moniker that would be, to earn the title, The Wizard of Awe!

Awe and wonder are such gifts. Stunning in the right way.

A moment of awe that still resonates is the moment I was close enough to a humpback whale to feel it's magnificent presence and comprehend its size. The sound of its outgoing breath against the surface of the sea--the essence of life. Breathtaking.

Awesome was dawn and its sunrise on the open ocean, somewhere between the island of Maui and the western coast of Canada, after a night spent awake in roiling waves.

Awesome, I'm sure, is the birth of your child.

Awesome was sleeping outdoors on a cold, clear, cloudless night in the mountains of New Mexico, wrapped in a buffalo skin, and cradled beneath the orb of a sky domed with stars like a Faberge egg.

Awesome is beholding the Grand Canyon's nearly two billion-year-old Vishnu Shist, polished granite surface shining above the Colorado River, while paddling a mile inside the earth.

And, awesome is the smell of a first rain on ground releasing the scent of gratitude and communion.

There is so much awesome in the universe that we could move about perpetually in a state just shy of shock and sputtering with wonder. What is truly awesome, is that we do not.