What We Are Watching & Reading

What we are:


Hamilton - a work of such brilliance and creativity. What a way to get a great education. Thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda. It's a good time to review or learn anew American history. Film of the play by the original cast. On our third or fourth viewing. Time to sing and dance at home. for the first month. 

Loving Vincent - another work of mind-bending beauty on the life of someone who gave us mind-bending beauty. Every frame of this film hand painted by over one hundred artists. They would not listen, they did not know how...perhaps they'll listen now. Watch, read up on Vincent, start painting. See it on Hulu or Amazon.

Infinite Potential - fasten your seatbelt! A film on the life and ideas of Professor David Bohm, one of the greatest theoretical physicists of all time. Dr. Bohm was also a colleague of J. Krishnamurti. Ganga had the great, good fortune of meeting him and his wife in Ojai, and traveling with them and Krishnamurti in India. Watch on youtube

MAPS Canada series - a summer series, Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance, a collection of wonderful speakers from multiple fields on the current work in psychedelic psychotherapy and use of plant medicines in culture. Topics range from plants relationship to the environment, to feminism, to mental health, the microbiome and more. Every Wednesday at 3PM PST. A ticket buys you the summer series and gives you access to all programs past and future.


Hollywood Park - author Mikel Jollett tells his story of navigating the landscape of the human emotional and psychological experience with such tender and poignant perception that you will laugh and weep. Born into an infamous California cult in the sixties, Mikel struggles heroically to understand life and find himself worthy of love. Going along for the ride through his life's trajectory is so worth it. An extraordinary writer and someone easy to love.

Reclaiming the Commons -  Vandana Shiva's newest book on biodiversity, indigenous knowledge and the rights of Mother Earth. Vandana is the one of the planet's best voices and advocates for the Mother and humanity. She is a modern warrior, healer, and hero. Its high time to listen to your mother. 

Essentials - Poet, David Whyte's beautiful, pocket-size hand book of poetry and essays. You can't go wrong with anything David. One of today's great visionary teachers on matters of the mind and heart.