What We Are...

Listening to:

Yoyo Ma's Songs of Comfort and Hope  A brilliant gift from a master and a maestro on many levels. Recorded with pianist Kathryn Stott. Find it on Spotify or most listening platforms.

Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell  Love in another time of plague. Sounds dire to read about plague during a plague, but this beautifully written and woven story will take you centuries away and straight into your heart.

Polenta Cornbread  Too much. I adapt the already fabulous recipe by Shutterbean (great photos on her site) using Miyukos vegan butter and Happy Planet oatmilk (and back off on the amount of sugar just a bit), but it is still just as moist, light, and delicious as the original. I do use eggs. Adapt and change, as they say. Either way you make it, you will eat too much.

Looking at:
The Sky  Don't forget to look up! It's Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction making their closest comeback in almost 400 years. December 21st... Winter Solstice light show.