Watch What You're Thinking

A Meditation  Primer
by Tracey Rich

Reading a news article the other day, I was intrigued by the rapid, ricocheting process of my mind projecting as I was reading. My mind was prejudging and making conclusions faster than the word intake was consciously processing. Fortunately, through observation of the process as it was taking place, and in rereading the content, happily, my conclusions were wrong. I saw my prejudgments laid bare, and I was witness to the process. This is meditation.

And while there are many forms of meditation, beautifully discussed and presented in Yoga Beyond Belief, I was grateful not only to see the working of the mechanics of mind, but also to see my mind creating predispositions that so easily and unconsciously could have colored my thinking--all the while being off the mark. Ganga writes in the Yoga Beyond Belief, "meditation cannot be taught, but meditation can be learned."

Included in this newsletter in The Teachers Corner is an excerpt from the chapter, Meditation Is Your Life. A brilliant title and ethos, I believe.