From the White Lotus Kitchen

Tamara's Crispy Chickpeas


There should be an ode to the wonders of the great garbanzo bean. A chickpea by any other name could never be so versatile. For starters, White Lotus chef, Tamara Everett, works wonders with the many variations of chickpea hummus she makes when serving fabulous Mediterranean menus at the Center. I could happily count the ways; lemon artichoke being amongst my favorites. 

This oh so simple, crispy chickpea recipe that Tamara is sharing with us, turns the small, but mighty bean into a crunchy, killer snack that also serves to enliven any number of dishes. She also adds an optional kick in this recipe and gives us an easy, healthy fortification for our meals. 

There is no place this little bean can not go! Plain, crispy, marinated, it's liquid whipped into aqua faba wonder... it's kind of endless.

*Note from Tamara: One of my favorite go-to's is the roasted garbanzo bean, aka: chickpea! Full of healthy complex carbs, protein and fiber they make a great addition to a meal, or an addictive snack. I love to use them in Buddha bowls, as a crouton replacement on salads or on a roasted veggie platter.


1 can chickpeas
quality, high heat cooking oil
salt to taste
spices of your choice (optional suggestions: cumin, smoked paprika, curry)

Drain and rinse the chickpeas. Save the liquid from the can to make aqua faba (see in WL kitchen recipes). Towel dry the beans. This is important for crispness. Toss garbanzos with a quality, high heat oil and add salt to taste and you're good to go. Or add the spice of your choice such as cumin, smoked paprika, curry, etc. Spread the salted, spiced garbanzos on a roasting sheet and slide into a 400 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes until crisp, but still plump. Don’t overcook the beans or they will dry out. Best when eaten warm and crispy, but still satisfying at room temperature and chewy.