From the White Lotus Kitchen

Summertime Portobello Skewers


Get out the grill. Memorial Day is around the corner and summertime is not far behind. This recipe for Portobello's can be marinated and thrown on the grill or sautéed in a pan and then served on your skewers. Either way, skewers are the ticket to summer festing, utensil free, eating outside, safe gathering.

Forget about the fact that most edible mushrooms have great health benefits, Portobello's containing selenium, copper, potassium, b vitamins, fiber amongst the elements that make them healthy. These popular, often overexposed mainstay of mushrooms make the perfect plump, juicy shrooms to anoint
your summer skewers.

Wishing you good health, and a safe, delicious, celebratory summer.

6 large Portobello mushrooms
olive oil
vegan butter
1/2 -1 Meyer or regular lemon
sea salt to taste
splash of dry vermouth

Grill Version:
Soak wooden skewers to prepare for use on the grill. Make a marinade from the above ingredients minus the butter. Peel mushrooms, remove stems and cut mushrooms into nice size chunks. Marinate for about an hour. Place on skewers and throw on hot grill, turning at least once til cooked thru, with a nice char.

Sauté Version:
Peel portobello caps and cut off stems. Cut lengthwise across the caps and then cut either in half or in thirds depending on the size and area of the shrooms being cut.

Heat a large pan and begin with a combination of butter and olive oil in the pan. Sprinkle in salt and a little vermouth.  Add mushrooms, tossing the pan several times. When the shrooms begin cooking and turning darker and sweating cover the pan and continue to toss occasionally. Remove the cover every now and again checking the consistency of the mushrooms. You don't want to steam them down too much. You are looking to get a dark yummy sauté and browning char on the mushrooms. Covering the shrooms is just to speed cooking time and retain some of the moisture, but not to have the mushrooms shrink entirely.

Remove the cover and squeeze a half  of a Meyer or regular fresh lemon and continue to toss the mushrooms until they get their char on.