From the White Lotus Kitchen

Summer Zucchini Soup


Gardens are showing signs of springing forth as the full zenith of summer approaches. Fuzzy tomato plants are hinting of good thing to come. The basil is bushing out, the cucumber creepers are creeping, and the bright, bold squash blossoms are shining like the sun.

The recipe for this zucchini soup can turn your wealth of green gold into a summer of yum. You can blend it and serve it hot or cold with a dollop of crème fraiche topped with a few sprigs of any prolific herb from your garden. Or, you can serve it as a chunky soup with its bits of orange carrot, green zucchini, and tiny bites of creamy Yukon gold flecked with dill in each delicious bite.

Pour yourself a glass of something cool, dress up your picnic table with some outrageous dahlias and peonies, bask in the long rays of summer light, and feast on the goodness of the garden.

1 bay leaf
olive oil
black pepper
1 medium red or yellow onion
sea salt
2 veggie bullion cubes
3 large zucchini or 6 med zucchini
2 stalks celery
2 carrots
1- 2 cloves garlic
2 Yukon gold potatoes
vermouth (optional)
1.5 - 2 cups water

Add olive oil and butter to your soup pot warming over medium heat. Add bay leaf and cracked black pepper. Chop onion into small pieces and add to the pot. Sauté the onions until soft.  Once the onions cook, add sea salt to taste and two veggie cubes. Cut zucchini into hearty bite sized chunks and add to the soup pot. Stir the pot often. Add additional butter and/or olive oil to veggies at any time to keep the mixture moist. Use a splash of vermouth or water to deglaze the pot. Add diced celery and carrot to the soup mix. Continue to cook over medium heat. Next sprinkle in dill and add finely chopped garlic. Add a bit more vermouth to keep ingredients from sticking and to add depth of flavor and a little moisture. Add 1/4 cup water too. Stir your soup often. Cut potatoes into small bite-sized chunks and add them to the mix. Let veggies soften and start to break down a bit. Slowly add the remainder of the water a bit at a time as veggies cook down. As the potatoes simmer and the zucchini melt the soup will begin to get creamy. Continue to cook til all ingredients are soft, flavorful and melded. Add additional sea salt as necessary.  Blend soup if you prefer and serve with crème fraiche or sour cream. Or serve chunky. Enjoy!