From the White Lotus Kitchen

Steamed Kale Caesar


Thanksgiving season is a great time to rethink standards. There are so many great dishes that can be deconstructed and reconstructed, bringing new appreciation for veggies that we may already eat all the time. We think this simple rehash of both kale and the classic Caesar will be a great holiday addition to your repertoire.

We all know, kale with its deep leafy green is vitamin and mineral packed, and the good-for-you factor scores high points. You can hardly find food products that don't try to claim there is kale in them somewhere. But good is good, no matter how over-hyped it may be. The classic use of garlic is a great winter go-to for its health-giving benefits, so go for it and add all you want. We keep it simple in this recipe with olive oil and lemon, but think the simplicity is what makes this dish so delish.

We hope you enjoy this take on life with kale, and wish you a delicious season in health and well being from the White Lotus Kitchen.

2 bunches organic kale
fresh pressed garlic
fresh squeezed lemon juice
olive oil
Braggs liquid aminos
parmesan cheese (optional)
fresh ground black pepper

Wash kale leaves and remove the inner stalks. You can tear or chop the kale into nice size pieces. Steam the kale until soft. Toss warm kale with olive oil and the juice of one quarter to half a lemon to taste. Crush one garlic clove to start with but feel free to add more if you are a heavy garlic lover. Spray with a light drizzle of Braggs liquid aminos or simply use sea salt to taste. Add fresh ground black pepper, and, optionally, grated parmesan cheese. Toss again and serve.