Stand and Deliver

New Year's Salutation

May you have a nice, slow start to a good New Year with our Stand and Deliver Salutation. Find your own rhythm with this sequence as you flow from asana to asana within the salutation. Hold each pose for our recommended number of breaths, or more importantly, follow your own comfortable capacity for the strength, stamina, alignment, and attention required by each part of the salutation.

There is a bit of an upper body challenge offered in this sequence along with plenty of lengthening movements to release and balance the long muscle groups of the body. As we always suggest, let your breath be what guides you to deliver a new awareness as you practice this salute to a new year.  

Stand and Deliver Salutation

Tall Mountain (Standing Mt. with arms overhead) 5x*
Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana with bent knees) 5x
Plank 5-10x
Down Dog 5-10x
Plank 5-10x
Down Dog 5-10x
Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana with bent knees, Optional: arms clasped at elbows) 5x
Tall Mountain 5x

Repeat sequence five to ten rounds

* X = number of ujjayi breaths