From the White Lotus Kitchen

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds


Some people go nuts preparing at the holidays but here is a quick little nibble to serve without making you crazy! The White Lotus Kitchen offers you a zesty twist for your family and guests to enjoy while sipping sparkling, cranberry-pomegranate libations. Or use these chili-lime nuggets to add a little cha-cha to top your holiday pumpkin or butternut squash soup. These spicy pepitas bring a twist to the same-old, same-old traditional favorites.

Happy Holidays from the White Lotus Foundation!


Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Fresh Lime Juice
Sea Salt
Chili Powder
Garam Masala
(All spices should be added to taste)


Fill the bottom of a large, dry skillet (cast iron works beautifully but not necessary) with pumpkin seeds. Don't overfill (better to make in batches if you need more). Keep heat on low so the seeds don't burn. Toss or shake seeds in skillet every so often to toast both sides. When seeds taste almost toasted and are hot, sprinkle with sea salt, cayenne, cinnamon, garam masala, and chili powder; toasting the spices, as well, for a bit. All spices should be added to taste. These are independently strong flavors so go easy at first. You can always pump up the volume.

Add a small amount of lime juice and keep tossing pumpkin seeds until the spices begin to stick and coat the seeds. Keep shaking pan over heat until pepitas are dry again. You can continue to add lime juice if you want a tangier flavor and to make more spices stick (or you can dampen seeds with a bit of water to make more layers of spice adhere). Once pepitas are seasoned to taste let seeds cool on cookie sheet or flat surface.

Use these aromatic, spicy seeds to top pumpkin or butternut squash soup with the addition of crème fresh, or simply serve in a bowl to accompany drinks while everyone waits to savor your other labors of love.