Sit Down, Please

 by Tracey Rich

Do yourself a favor and sit down. Cultivating a sitting practice can be one of the best brain reboots available. You don't have to go anywhere to get it, and it doesn't depend upon another person to make it happen. A sitting practice does not have to be complex or take an inordinate or specific amount of time. Just getting your bum in position is half the reboot, the rest unfolds.

Making your body comfortable is one of the keys to a sitting practice. Your breath, preferably observed and not controlled, is another key. There are no merit badges for sitting on the floor versus a chair, but aligning your body so that your spine is supported with its most natural curves is ideal. Breathing should also be natural. There is an art to just being still that brings pleasure beyond measure.

Some would call their sitting, "meditation", and they would not be wrong. Some would call their time on the cushion an energy cultivation practice. I would agree with that too. Some would simply call it sitting. There is a great beauty to seeing the simplicity and the abundant gifts inherent in such an act. Whatever draws you to sit, is wonderful. And what you will find there, is possibly, infinite.