From the White Lotus Kitchen

Rainy Day Mushroom Soup


Rich and simultaneously delicate, decadent and earthy, there is nothing more satisfying than a delicious mushroom soup. Conjured up on a recent rainy day, this simple soup feels so perfectly down home and conversely, elegant. The wonders of the fungi! This recipe cooks up to perfection in no time. Enjoy it alone with a bit of toasty garlic bread, or serve it over a bit of barley for a deconstructed mushroom barley soup!

olive oil
butter (dairy or non-dairy)
1 bay leaf
black pepper
1 med to large sweet onion (Maui, Vidalia, or any)
vermouth or dry white wine
brown Crimini mushrooms--lots
half a lemon
veggie bouillon cubes
2 stalks celery
1 large carrot
parsley flakes
1 Tbs. white or yellow miso
2-21/2 cups water

Add a mixture of butter and olive oil to a soup pot over med-low heat. Add one bay leaf and some freshly ground black pepper to taste. Add finely chopped onion and sauté until translucent. Add a splash of dry white wine or vermouth (always optional). Slice mushrooms and add to your pot. Add a small amount of water if the pot is too dry. Continue to sauté mushroom until they start to get tender. Use just a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Add one and half to two veggie bouillon cubes. Again, add some wine or water to keep everything from sticking. Give each ingredient time to simmer before adding the next layer. Finely chop celery stalks and add to the mushroom mix. Cut one large carrot into small bite size pieces and add to the pot. Stir the ingredients often. Add parsley flakes and one tablespoon of miso paste. Stir until the miso is melted into mushroom mixture.  Slowly add water a bit at a time. Simmer everything on low for a short time until the broth tastes rich and mushroomy. Ladle into bowls or serve over a small mound of barley.