Our Humanity

by Tracey Rich

Humanity: the quality or state of being human • the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence. 

I have been sitting with this a great deal lately.  What is the state of being human?  The word humanity is often seen used in the phrase, connected by their common humanity.  And we are.  Yet, as fear grips and divides us, we don't always see or acknowledge this fact.  We share the common ground of being human and the possibility exists for us to meet one another in that place, from that simple truth.  But it seems in so many ways it is easier to be divided rather than connected.  Division can become an unexamined stance that is easy to fall into with very high stakes.  Diversity is essential to an ecosystem and holds the seeds of beauty.  

We all breathe, we all bleed, and potentially, we all have the capacity for love and care.  The things that move any one of us can likely touch those same qualities in someone else.  Empathy is something we share as humans.  It is not singular to us, but it is one of the great capacities that can bring our humanity to the fore.  The dignity and respect we would like to be afforded, we must afford to one another, and, we must first find it in ourselves before we can extend it outward.   

Things you might: Read J. Krishnamurti's chapter 5 entitled Fear in his book, Freedom from the Known.  Sit with the thought and awareness of your own humanity.  Question your assumptions.  Extend yourself.  Feed someone.  See that we ARE connected by our common humanity.  

BE kind
BE humane