Obituary for a Seer

by Ganga White

Quietly observing, a young man began to see into mysteries of life and death.
After some years he commenced to express the vision in stark and startling, poetic clarity. 
Busy streets, trees, flowing waters, cities, and starlit nights became doorways to insight.

Like the wind and waters he flowed around the earth,
rarely stopping for more than some weeks in each place.
The words so resonated with listeners they came by thousands wherever he spoke. 
He awakened them to perception, to inquiry, and the infinite wisdom of nature.
The immeasurable seemed to join the speaking and was felt by those present with presence.
Immeasurable not only in the sense of infinite,
but also in that of some non-thing that could not be measured.

The writer once saw a paragraph of this speaker’s in a book and was so moved he quickly set out to hear the man, soon having the extraordinary listening-seeing experience with him all over the globe. 
The speaker left this life in 1986 but his words are being preserved around the earth for future generations.