From the White Lotus Kitchen

Morning Matcha Latte


Simple. Delicious. A little matcha goes a long way to warming and changing up your morning fix.
Mix it with your favorite spice and whip together with whatever milk you desire, and your day is set with a healthy dose of  l-theanine to promote good brain cognition. I love the Daily matcha from Mizuba Tea Company.

In this recipe, I use cinnamon--good for lowering blood sugar, and oat milk with barely a splash of maple syrup. The l-theanine, an analogue of the amino acid l-glutamine, is what gives matcha that umami-savory flavor, that is so distinctive in green tea.

I find this cup of green energy to be the perfect balance of savory and sweet and I love how it changes up my usual morning routine of coffee or black tea.

1/2 tsp. matcha powder
hot water
1/4 cup oat milk (or milk of your choice)
ground cinnamon
maple syrup

Place matcha powder in the bottom of a bowl. Add just a splash of hot water (usually1-2 minutes off the boiling point) and whisk the matcha from a powder into a foam. Add a quarter cup of oat milk to a milk frother or warm the milk and whisk, adding a healthy sprinkle if cinnamon and barely of splash of maple syrup. Pour into the bowl of matcha. Whisk once or twice and drink right from the bowl. You're on your way to a great morning.