From the White Lotus Kitchen

Morning Magic with Millet


I can do you one better than oatmeal brulee! The tres chic item found on over-expensive hotel menus that take plain, old (but of course healthy, even wonderful) oatmeal and turn it into cereal dressed for the ball. I give you one of my favorite ways to make morning magic with millet. Yes, millet. You may even find yourself snatching it out of the mouths of babes... baby birds... as millet is often maligned as bird feed, but with protein, B vitamins, fiber and iron, it's good for you, too! And, with the addition of walnuts (good omegas), dates, and other small indulgences, last nights leftovers become this morning's nirvana. For a different flavor sensation, this recipe is also delicious made with buckwheat, and both grains are gluten free. A votre santé, to your health! Tracey


1 cup *cooked millet (or buckwheat)
2 medjool dates, chopped (Medjools are the creamiest and juiciest, but your choice of date)
4 large walnut halves, chopped
Sprinkle of sea salt (love the Murry River pink, flake from Australia)
Few splashes of half & half, soy, rice, or almond milk
Optional: dab of organic butter, drop of maple syrup

Serves 1

In a small pot, add just enough water to cover the bottom, turn heat onto low. When water is beginning to boil, add grain and sea salt, turn off heat and cover for few moments.  Then add your choice of milk, dates, and walnuts.  If you choose, add a small dab of butter and a drop of maple syrup.  Let ingredients mingle in the warm pot for few more moments.  Stir, serve and savor breakfast!

*To make millet: cook dry, rinsed grain in boiling, salted water (for every 2 cups water, add 1 cup grain), lower heat, cook til moisture is absorbed.   Remove from heat and let sit covered 5 minutes.  Loosen grain with spoon and let sit another 5 minutes before serving.