In Memoriam

The Psychedelic Scientist

Roland Griffiths

A true human resource has passed. A beloved human being who contributed to the well-being of others has made his exit all too soon. We were not personal friends of the scientist, Roland Griffiths, but we had heard him speak at conferences going back for decades and have followed his work with respect for many years.

Roland was on the board of the Hefter Foundation along with our good friend, Dennis McKenna. He was the founding director of The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research where he was a pioneer, spearheading studies for the use of psilocybin for treatment of addiction, depression, and in assisting those facing terminal cancer diagnosis--a journey he ended up taking himself. Roland Griffiths was instrumental in bringing forth groundbreaking research which helped change the collective landscape by providing  understanding of psychedelic treatment and providing profound possibilities for people who suffer.

A scientist's scientist to the end, he gave scrupulous attention to the biggest trip humans experience. Death. Observing his own process of dying with an open heart and mind, and true inquiry, was a journey he shared graciously.

Commenting on the process, Roland said:

 "What I experience is wonder." Being a scientist, I am very skeptical to take on belief systems that are unverifiable. What I do know is that we live in the middle of this inexplicable mystery for which we need to be deeply grateful."