In Memoriam

Honoring the Life
Kris Holcomb
1939 - 2022

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our extended family member and beloved friend, Kris Holcomb. Kris has been a friend of the Foundation for decades and we have been enriched by her friendship, getting to know her in an even deeper way over these past many months since her moving to Santa Barbara and through her illness. Kris is Sven's mom and a surrogate mother to Ganga and Tracey. We will miss her strength, her humor, her down-to-earth, no-nonsense, direct approach to life.

Born in Sweden--thus Sven's name, which means Sweden in Swedish, Kris was a competitive gymnast in her youth. She moved to San Francisco and was part of the sixties generation. Back in the day, she created sought-after macramé art pieces uniquely woven with thick, heavy cotton rope and found driftwood. Like the artist herself, it is still hip today.

Kris dedicated her life to supporting her family, and to nurturing others through the healing arts of massage and bodywork. Creating colorful, beautiful knit work to the end, Kris gifted Ganga a gorgeous wool scarf which she had just finished on our final visit.  It will always be worn with love and remembrance.

Kris passed as she lived, with courage and quiet grace.

Om Shanti, Kris

Om Shanti