In Memoriam

An Unexpected Goodbye Between Brothers

Edgar Holcomb
1964 - 2021

It is with great sadness that White Lotus acknowledges another loss. Our beloved teacher, collaborator, and close friend, Sven Holcomb, has lost his brother, Edgar, whom he attended with great care over the past two months. Ganga and I have been fortunate to know Sven and Edgar and the Holcomb family for decades. Edgar and Sven's father, Ed Sr. served on the White Lotus Board for many years.

Sven has shared so many stories over our forty-plus years of friendship of how he and his brother had each other's backs. Also, tales of how growing up in the shadow of a strong and accomplished father taught the brothers self-sufficiency, respect, and self-reliance--sometimes under tough-love situations. The world-wide experiences and wisdom gleaned from their father's tutelage were often worth weathering the storm of a strong presence.

Edgar was a good friend and extended family member to us, a great son to his mother Kris, and a reliable sidekick to Sven. He was always ready to share his love and knowledge in the fields of his passions, especially insights about autos, airplanes, and technology. Edgar was a computer scientist. He and Sven had music as a shared love and language, both brothers being accomplished musicians.

We extend our deepest condolences to Sven, Kris, and Sven's son, Jasper, and to Anne, Gabe and Amy of the Holcomb clan.

Good-bye Edgar. You are gone too soon and missed.