Love to Hate

by Tracey Rich

In this season where we give gratitude, please reflect, as well, on what you love to hate. Crazy, right! Being conscious requires a vigilant review of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, as many of these things go unconscious. We are in a time of great polarity, and not the kind that benefits our yoga practice. Still, we can learn from that same practice that teaches us to be attentive to balancing polarities. Taking what we learn day after day in yoga into the world is needed more than ever. Without the constancy of paying attention, it is easy to fall prey to polarization, and before we know it, unchecked emotion becomes the energy that soon becomes an indulgence in things we love to hate.

In a season where your heart more easily opens because we intentionally take the time to cultivate it, may that same quality of attention become a practice that is revisited often. Check your thoughts, find out where unexamined feelings come from, and reexamine your life, often.

We all have complaints, but they shouldn't end in hate. It's time to stop indulging in what you love to hate.