Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Simplicity can be a rare quality to find. It can also be one of the more challenging qualities to bring into our lives. Unless, it becomes a priority. In a throw-away, more-is-more culture, keeping things refined and streamlined may actually lead us to find that simplicity is one of the greatest of luxuries.

We are busy people with busy lives, but we are often going nowhere fast. We can all be guilty of filling our lives falling down rabbit holes of sugar-coated distractions to which there is no end of content. What would it look like if your life had more simplicity? What would you take away? What might you add to ease your way?

A simple yes or no sometimes suffices. A simple gesture can enlighten. A simple single flower can be the essence of all beauty. A simple sentence can often convey more than the most prosaic.

Unclutter your environment and breathe easier. Say what you mean when you speak. Sit. Be still. Learn to see.

Distilling things to their essence is simplicity. Distilling things to their essence is meditation. Practicing simplicity in your life is a meditation.

Keep it Simple Sweetheart. Happy Valentines Day.