From the White Lotus Kitchen

It's a Wrap

 T&G's Miso-Tahini Wrap

This miso-tahini wrap is one of our go-to lunches that I mentioned a couple of newsletters back on the What We Are Eating List. It's a great quickie when Ganga and I are in the midst and want to grab something easy, but yummy and healthy. 

You can use any wrap you like. We typically use either organic corn or corn and wheat tortillas which we heat over the open gas flame on the stove, but you could also use a toaster oven, or even steam your tortillas. The thing that makes this so delicious is the simple, homemade miso-tahini "secret sauce" that you can either pre-make by blending the ingredients, or just wing by layering each item right onto your wrap. We love the organic chickpea miso by Miso Master. It's a light yellow miso with a salty, slightly sweet taste. Use a greater ratio of tahini to miso paste. This miso, while lighter than some versions, is still a concentrated condiment and is intense.

Literally anything can be placed inside your creation from last night's crispy tempeh or tofu with a garden salad, to steamed or roasted veggies. The "secret sauce", plus a wisp of a really good sauerkraut, makes this a killer lunch or snack. The sauerkraut and the miso are good-for-the-gut, feed-the-microbiome, foods that are great to add to your repertoire. For a final note, feel free to add your favorite salsa to the whole deal.

This singular sensation is guaranteed to woo your taste buds with its numerous flavor profiles. It's our first go-to on a regular basis and it allows you to be endlessly inventive. We hope you enjoy this little creation as much as we do. And, that's a wrap!

*Note: if you are salt sensitive, avoid using the miso and the sauerkraut simultaneously in your wrap as they are both high in sodium. Still, it is important to find ways to work fermented and inulin rich foods into your diet for a healthy biome.


Corn or corn & wheat tortillas (flour or cauliflower wraps)
tahini (raw or toasted)
chickpea miso
leftover veggies, fresh salad, crispy tofu or tempeh, just about anything


Steam, open-flame toast or use a toaster oven to heat your wrap of choice. Spread a very thin layer of chickpea miso and then a slightly thicker layer of tahini onto your tortilla. Add fresh salad, leftover veggies, crispy or sautéed tempeh or tofu into your wrap. Top with sauerkraut.  Add salsa, if you like.  Roll, eat, enjoy, and that's a wrap.