I Love to Be Wrong

by Tracey Rich

Potentials for learning and self-reflection are everywhere. Daily I find myself being wrong, and the slant it brings to things allows me to change my mind. Perceiving something one particular way is the way we understand until something else brings a different light to the subject. Opportunities for being wrong abound.

Consciously or not, we form conclusions almost simultaneously to taking information in. We often have our answers before the question is finished being proposed. We function on conclusion, casting assumptions and projecting, hoping for certainty. The unknown is not our favorite place to operate from...certainly not our most comfortable.

The bath is my sublime place for meditation. At least, the meditation that includes reflection and inquiry. As water flows, so do my thoughts and I cannot tell you the number of peaceful, pleasant, humorous, wonderful, random, enlightening, even embarrassing moments that take me back over the day's events or over the general course of time, where I find myself having perceived something incorrectly. These are some of my most profound moments of insight.

One of my happy places is in being able to see something with new eyes and to gain the clarity of perception. The definition of the word insight is the ability to see into something. Gaining insight, even at the cost of being wrong, seems to be the right kind of wrong you could learn to love.