How To Get Rid of a Habit

by Ganga White

Habits aren't easy to end, but this may help you to understand the process. I learned about this technique from one of my teachers, Yogi Venkatesa. To rid yourself of a habit you must do it a little bit at a time. The word H-A-B-I-T itself is instructive. So the first step is to chop off the H. Then we see we still have A-BIT of it left, so now we chop of the A from our habit, but we see that a BIT is still there! Then we slice off the B, and IT continues to be there! So, now we chop off the I, only to realize that half of IT, the T, is still there. Finally, when we remove the T, the habit is all gone!

So don't give up when you're ending a habit. Persevere, piece by piece, and you will prevail!