From the White Lotus Kitchen

High C

Hibiscus Summer Splash

Vitamin C in healthy quantities is always on the list of daily recommends. Getting our vitamin intake from food sources is so much more appealing. One of my favorite sources is drinking freshly brewed Hibiscus (Jamaica) tea from dried, whole flowers which I order from Rancho Gordo. The tea is delicious iced on hot summer days and lends itself to numerous creative additions. The rich, ruby color makes it even more compelling to drink. And, as it seems we have cold season year round these days, and are yet to have Covid in the rearview mirror, this is the ticket to keeping your C in high supply. It's so easy to keep a pitcher of Hibiscus Summer Splash in the fridge. The Jamaica also lends itself to being a delicious cup of hot tea spiced with fresh ginger and honey. It's all good for what ails ya.

3/4-1 oz of dried Hibiscus flowers
7 cups of freshly brewed water

~optional ingredients to mix and match~
fresh honey, monk fruit sweetener, or organic sugar to taste
fresh squeezed lime juice
fresh pressed ginger juice
orange slices
fresh mint leaves
green or black tea


Bring seven cups of water to a boil. Pour boiling water over dried Hibiscus flowers and let steep until cooled. If adding sweetener like honey or sugar, add while the tea is still warm. You can remove the flowers or leave them in the tea. Add fresh lime juice, if using. Refrigerate.

When ready to serve, consider mixing and matching fifty-fifty with green or black tea, or lemonade to make a Hibiscus Cooler. Serve over ice with fresh orange slices or sprigs of fresh mint. Mix in a healthy squeeze of  fresh ginger juice to give your Hibiscus Splash a zing. Pretty much any or  all of the optional ingredients go well together.  Cheers to a High C Summer!