From the White Lotus Kitchen

Grilled Romaine Summer Salad with Goddess Dressing


White Lotus chef, Tamara Everett gives us a super casual, happy summer inspiration to keep our juices flowing. When I invited Tamara to contribute something for this Solstice newsletter, she commented that she wanted to offer something to spark people's creativity and liked giving us more of an idea with guidance, than a precise recipe.

I know for myself that using what is emerging in my garden definitely inspires, or making creative use of what is next up in my fridge feels good. More people that ever are supporting their farmers and ordering CSA boxes and also farmers markets are opening up around the country as summer comes on strong. This time of year also makes what is in the market more abundant and interesting and should lift our spirits as our mobility is still limited. We appreciate all the healthy, feel-good moments that we can look forward to in our daily lives.

Tamara's grilled romaine with her incredible goddess dressing is so delicious and fun to make. Her "recipe" also points us in numerous additional directions for fabulous ad-on's also found in our library section in From the White Lotus Kitchen, as well as alternative variations. We hope you will stay healthy and be inspired with this perfect, summer offering.

from Tamara:

Summer is around the corner, and the warm temperatures are already here. No one wants to be in a hot kitchen making dinner. My new favorite thing? Grilled romaine salad! A light supper salad, briefly cooked for easier digestion late in the day, and ready in minutes.

Grilled Romaine
Heads, or hearts only if preferred, romaine lettuce

Quality high heat cooking oil (I like avocado or an avocado blend)
Salt & pepper

Heat your grill on medium-high. 
Carefully slice the Romaine heads in half lengthwise  Place face up on a sheet tray, drizzle with oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook on both sides for 2-3 minutes or until charred or grill marked to your preference. You won’t believe how tasty just the lettuce is, but still, top with whatever suits your fancy for even more veggies, filling healthy fats and protein:

Goddess Dressing: A simple, plant based dressing

hemp hearts, water, lemon juice, salt and herbs of choice blended

coconut bacon (recipe found in archives!) avocado, grilled marinated tofu

Marinated white beans, roasted chick peas (recipe in archives!), dressed lentils


Blue cheese dressing, chopped tomato, hard boiled egg and toasted walnuts

Caesar dressing and croutons, of course

Use what’s easy and convenient after a long day, or get creative when you have the time.
The possibilities are endless.