The Great Depression

How's Your Mental Health
by Tracey Rich

These days, if you can keep your head on straight, you're doing great. If you can reason clearly and think critically, congratulations. If you are not in fight-or-flight or constant reaction, but instead responsive to your immediate environment, your mental health check-up is exceedingly good. And, if you are feeling overwhelmed, barraged, over stimulated, assaulted, or highly emotional, please do not feel alone. You are part of the great depression that human beings are experiencing. But do not despair, (mental) health is on the way.

Living in times of more extreme polarity, heightened sensitivities, and being exposed to both real and imagined threats in a world stimulated by constant media and caffeine over-consumption, people are in stress. Even if this is not your direct experience, it's often as if there is a high tension wire buzzing in your vicinity that your unconscious is aware of.

Now is a time for sitting still. Now is a time for breathing consciously. Now is a time to unplug and recalibrate. Now is a time for moving with intention whether in asana, a walking meditation, or being in nature. Now is a time for listening. Now is a time for uncovering the nature of mind and of man. Now is a time for understanding. Now is a time for small acts of kindness. Now is a time to check yourself. Now is a time for seeing your strengths and knowing your limitations. Now is a time to hold space for yourself and others. Now is a time to question your answers. Now is a time for gratitude. Now is a time to see what we share in common. Comes a time, now is a time.