Gravity: The Perpetual Presence in Your Practice

by Tracey Rich

There are things that seem obvious--things so obvious that we take them for granted, like oxygen and gravity. The beauty of Yoga is that it address the most basic and simple aspects of living that when given attention are elevated to a high art, with the subtle becoming profound. This is Yoga. 

Like all things that go unnoticed but are essential, so goes gravity in our practice. But when awareness is brought to bear on the gravitational field we move within, it changes everything. As our connection and understanding deepens in yoga practice, we are able to move into the realm of balancing upward and downward moving energies. We tap into extensional energy which lengthens us and opens space in our bodies. Nerve flow increases and we also begin to move with fluidity and grace through that seemingly invisible atmosphere that surrounds us. We begin to float as we move into poses such as headstand or hero balance, moving in concert as we link strands of asanas together. Lightness and ease become familiar attributes. Movement carries an effortless quality and we get more from less, building and conserving energy. We also learn to be in our bodies in a respectful way, hopefully incurring less injury and easing away from inattentive or aggressive approaches.

As with almost every aspect of yogic awareness, breath can be key in tuning into the effects of the gravitational field in your practice. Learn to let gravity work for you, not against you. The enjoyment and shifts that are possible in attuning to this essential, undisputable, perpetual presence will change your practice and your life, yet again.