Enlightening Docs for Your Holiday Watch

Home for the on planet Earth. These docs bring it on home. Each one of these extraordinary pieces will enlighten you, open your heart, and inspire you, be it with reverence and gratitude or with a call to social action and engagement, or who knows what good they will kindle in you.

We are ever-grateful to this planet we live on, to the beings honored in these films, and to those who made them. We hope that as you take time this holiday with family, friends, and with yourself, that these documentaries can be a part of connecting you more deeply to that which matters.

Wild Life: A Nat Geo film on the life of the fiercely driven conservationist, Doug Tompkins, who early on recognized the vanishing beauty and diversity of wild places and the need to save them. This documentary shares Doug's steadfast dedication to nature and the planet. It shows the evolution of the courageous work he and his wife Kris tirelessly embarked on to personally preserve millions of acres of land in Chile and Argentina. Their energies have been a force for good as they collaborated to protect nature allowing it to rewild and remain by establishing National Parks throughout Patagonia. We all are the fortunate recipients of their love and commitment.

The American Buffalo: Another Ken Burns PBS film taking us to school. Where would we be if Ken did not witness America in the way only he has with his extraordinary storytelling. Burn's work lets us see the hard truth of how this nation has evolved with its beauty and horror side by side. He shows us what is, what has been, and what can be. Ken's film depicts how the first people of this continent lived in a deep relationship with the buffalo for ten thousand years. It portrays the westward expansion of our current nation that forever changed a people, the Great Plains of this land, and the lives of this magnificent mammal.

Life on This Planet: Morgan Freeman narrates this Netflix documentary which uses state of the art CGI to astounding effect. You will watch billions of years evolving on Earth with wonder and gratitude. Mind-blowing, ever changing, miraculous, coming into and going out of existence, is life on our rare planet. This doc is not to be missed. A daily dose of this film could really put things into perspective.
Psychedelics and Mental Health: Roland Griffiths: The filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, who brought us Fantastic Fungi and Gratitude Revealed, now shares his interview with the recently deceased Roland Griffiths, scientist, researcher, meditation practitioner, and pioneer in the field of psychedelics for health and healing and end of life navigation, You can find this piece by going to The Louie Channel where this interview from the Fantastic Fungi Global Summit, and Louie's films of visual wonder, are shared. By signing up on the site you can have free access. This is still on our holiday watch list, but we are looking forward to seeing Roland and hearing more of his insights and teachings.