What Is it Good For
by Tracey

No one likes discomfort. But it could be good for you. Discomfort, like pain, is a signal to pay attention. It's that nagging, sometimes subtle message that says, Hey, I'm talking to you. It's important to see what is making us uncomfortable.

In asana, we learn to listen to these signals. Discomfort can be the beginning of what may otherwise become pain, because we can not, or do not hear the signals they project. Sometimes we do not listen until they shout, or become a literal  pain in the asana. But asana is also a great place to reference metaphors in life.

Paying attention to the actions, people, beliefs, attitudes, or thoughts that rub us the wrong way and bring us discomfort, is an important awareness to have about ourselves. On deeper reflection, we see a great deal. Noticing that nagging sensation is like having a small rock in your shoe. It's easy to ignore or not deal with on a short walk, but when you take the moment to slow down and respond, it's a revelation when removed.

Discomfort can move us to change our position and can open us to greater sensitivity. What is it good for? Absolutely, something.