Derivatives of Hate

A Valentine's Love Letter
by  Tracey Rich

I know I have written a great deal about hate. It seems an odd topic for a Valentine's newsletter. I know that I watch way too much news, and that I read a lot--I mean, a lot of papers, Substacks, and periodicals of all types and stripes. I like to stay aware of the collective (if we still have one) and reflect on the nature of our human consciousness.

I can not help writing about hate because it consumes a great deal of our human psyche. When injustice comes, derivatives of hate are often sandwiched somewhere in the mix. I can't stop writing about it because hate is in the human condition, and it does not go away until it is faced and examined deeply. It is our responsibility to examine it, first, in ourselves.

What better time than when we celebrate the heart and love, to face hate.