From the White Lotus Kitchen

Cucumber Avocado Salsa

Growing a garden has been one of my greatest joys. It teaches me something everyday.  I rarely pass by without getting caught in its mysteries.  My real specialty is weeding and deadheading. Go figure, but somebody has to do it and thankfully I love the meditation that it is. I would like to tell you that my cucumbers are abundant--they are not, but the cucumbers in our White Lotus chef, Tamara Everett's home garden are, and they led her to creating the salsa in this newsletter.  

We are so fortunate to be abundant in avocados and citrus in California. This recipe makes use of our natural bounty and it's easy to prepare.  

From Tamara: I can’t keep up with the cucumbers that keep appearing in our garden and am always seeking an easy way to make use of their abundance. This avocado salsa makes a great taco topping, is delicious thrown in a wrap, on a salad, or used as a socca filling.


1 small, organic cucumber*, medium dice
1 large avocado, medium dice
A small handful minced fresh dill
A couple pinches of salt
A squeeze of lemon 


In a small bowl, gently fold all ingredients together. Eat. Enjoy. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. This dish should be eaten while fresh as it doesn’t keep well. 

* if your cucumbers are organic you can leave the skin on--so much good stuff in there! Or peel your cucumber in stripes if you’re not a huge fan of the skin. If not organic, it's best to peel.