by Tracey Rich

We could probably count on two hands the things we find wrong with...our bodies, our work, our home-life, our significant others, our living situation, our political system, our environment, our world. We could likely continue a litany of dissatisfactions well beyond ten fingers. We are pushed in our society to think more is better, change is for the better, and that the new outweighs the old. 

Dissatisfaction is built-in. And while a bit of discontent can be the grain of sand that agitates the oyster to create a pearl, our oft restless state in this over stimulated world can leave us less than settled and appreciating all that is. How in the face of such constant and enormous influx can we find contentment? 

We live in a perpetual state of fight or flight, even to get to yoga class. We are somewhat programmed to think there must be something wrong. Right? On numerous occasions I have recognized my mind "looking for something", following a sort of conditioned process as if what is, is not enough. We are not content to rest with what is quite well and good. We are not used to settling into rhythms that are peaceful rather than pushed. No wonder our yoga gives us so much solace. And that Savasana is the most treasured pose. 

Responding in the moment rather than projecting can provide us with a better navigation system. Planning is an important tool, but living in the future is not so helpful. Reality checks are beneficial. Simplicity, an art form rarely achieved, is beautiful. Simplicity and responsiveness can help us in flowing through the endless web of input laced with the heaping fear based overlay that exists in our current climate. Stop, listen, breath. 

It sounds simple. Yet, all else flows from there. A moment of contentment can be a moment of presence. A moment of presence can bring a moment of contentment and it can allow you to rest deeply in the now.