Burn After Reading

by Tracey

Although we greatly appreciate your attention, we know you only have so much to go around. This is one of the reasons we continue to reach out only once a month. We are trying to keep it in balance. We understand people are being bombarded with attention grabbing content, non-stop. We are also trying to support and inspire lives that are not beholden to devices, social media, or internet chatter, as quaint or antiquated as that may be. Like asana, our devices are tools. And like any tool, they can be used in ways that are supportive or detrimental to well-being. Living life online or on a device is not a replacement for life. Your attention is a valuable asset, not a commodity. Therefore, we recommend you burn after reading and go play outside.

There is no such thing as multitasking, by the way. Although, at times I am a shameless contestant in the race to acquire a medal which no one is handing out. It is said to be impossible for the mind to do more than one or two things well before an actual mini meltdown occurs and the brain slows and starts to make mistakes. We have learned to program ourselves to read email, surf the web, upload content about ourselves, and watch a film, all at the same time we are doing the dishes. We are everywhere and no where, but mostly nowhere. We think we are omnipresent when we are not present at all. We may even think we are gifted to balance so many things simultaneously. This is not actually balance.

We offer you this friendly service announcement to remind you to sit down or slow down. Consider this an invitation to let your mind wander, or fill your time with actual humans who are not on a screen. This is a reminder to stop, look, and listen. We recommend you burn after reading, and go outside and play.